Public Private Partnerships

From feeding a population expected to reach nine billion by 2050, to protecting soil, water and natural habitats, the world’s farmers are faced with many challenges. As a result, farmers need innovative solutions more than ever before. Through the partnership of the public & private sectors, innovative collaborations are providing farmers with access to plant science technologies, as well as new practices and knowledge, to help farmers meet these challenges.

Benefits of public-private partnerships

Through the partnership of the public and private sectors, organizations are able to work together for mutual growth and benefit. These collaborations enable goals, resources, expertise and risk to be shared, ensuring scientific innovations become valuable tools for farmers.

Successful public-private partnerships:

  • Improve the efficiency of developing locally-adapted innovation
  • Enable technology to be distributed more effectively to local farmers
  • Help farmers continuously improve and make the most of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Promote the effective and responsible application of new technologies
  • Provide social and economic value to farmers and communities

PPPTo ensure a sustainable, secure global food supply we need to continuously improve the tools and techniques available to farmers working in diverse ways and environments around the world. This involves not only developing new technologies but also adapting and applying these innovations to local needs and conditions. It also involves ensuring they can be used effectively by skilled and well-informed farmers. Neither the private nor the public sector can achieve these aims on its own. But together they can combine and maximize the impact of their individual experiences and resources where it matters most – at the local level with our farmers around the world.