Our Mission

CropLife Asia‘s mission is to help farmers grow sufficient amounts of food for a growing population through access to innovative technologies.

This means:

  • Growing more food for more people, on less land with greater efficiency
    to obtain a safe, secure food supply;
  • Practising crop protection, biotechnology and seeds stewardship for sustainable
    and safe farming and production while minimizing environmental impact; and
  • Protecting intellectual property to foster continuous innovation and its effective
    deployment for food, animal feed, fibre, and renewable energy.

CropLife Asia Crop Protection Mission

Our Vision

A region where productive food and agricultural systems – enabled through innovative crop science and technologies – contribute to improving food security and the living standards of all in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Our Values


  • We will respect the views and values of others and act with honesty, humility and humanity.
  • We will seek the respect of others for our values and beliefs


  • Communication will be a fundamental priority in all our activities.
  • We will act with openness in all our dealings with stakeholders and actively engage in dialogue, exchanging opinions and facts, in order to increase society’s understanding of our industry and our understanding of society.


  • We will commit to serve our members and stakeholders operating to the highest possible standards of professionalism ensuring the effective and prudent management of our resources.


  • We believe in the benefits that technology brings to human development and progress, and to sustainable agriculture.
  • We believe in the complementary and synergistic nature of technologies developed and offered by the plant science industry.
  • We believe in science as the engine of innovation and the core principle of regulatory decision-making.


  • We are committed to promoting full and effective stewardship (the responsible and ethical management of a plant protection or biotechnology product throughout its life cycle) to the field level, and recognise that the appropriate management and use of our products is an important element underpinning sustainable agriculture.
  • We will strive to work together with others to achieve a proper balance between all dimensions/pillars of sustainable development.
  • We will strive to maintain a healthy, ethical and viable business environment for the plant science industry.