Office Bearers

CropLife Asia is governed by both a Board of Directors and Coordinating Council which are made up of representatives from member companies who are based in Asia. An annual general meeting is held every year with Office Bearers holding the positions highlighted below. Individuals on the Board of Directors serve in their positions for a maximum of two years; while those on the Coordinating Council serve for one year.


Board of Directors:

Ms. Tina Lawton (Syngenta)

Mr. Jose Pina (Dow Agrosciences)
Vice President

Mr. Jagresh Rana (Monsanto)

Ms. Bethwyn Todd (FMC)


Coordinating Council:

Mr. Jose Pina (Dow Agrosciences)

Dr. Sascha Israel (Bayer CropScience)

Ms. Tina Lawton (Syngenta)

Peter Ford (DuPont)

Bethwyn Todd (FMC)

Mr. Gustavo Carneiro (BASF)

Mr. Toshiaki Matsushita (Sumitomo Chemical)